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Norfolk Open Masters including Norfolk Masters Closed Championship

Norfolk Open Masters competition, including Norfolk Masters Closed Championships is on 16th May. Closing date 22nd April. click on the link for entry details. Online entry will be available shortly.More >>


Norfolk Masters Inter-county Results

Norfolk finished 2nd in the East Region Inter-counties competition.More >>


Inter County Results

Results from the intercounty competition at Sheffield on the 19th October. The Norfolk team finished 16th in their divisionMore >>


3 Norfolk Volunteers Receive East Region Awards

Madeline Tallowin, Keith Belton and Tony Smith all won awards at the recent East Region Annual Council MeetingMore >>


Open Water Results

More >>


Upcoming Fixtures

14-Feb-2015County Championships 2015: 800m and 1500mUEA Norwich (Long Course)
21-Feb-2015County Championships 2015: 400mWymondham
28-Feb-2015County Championships 2015: Gala CThetford
28-Feb-2015County Championships 2015: Gala DThetford
01-Mar-2015County Championships 2015: Gala EThetford
01-Mar-2015County Championships 2015: Gala FThetford
07-Mar-2015County Championships 2015: Gala GThetford
07-Mar-2015County Championships 2015: Gala HThetford
08-Mar-2015County Championships 2015: Gala IThetford
08-Mar-2015County Championships 2015: Gala JThetford
16-May-2015Norfolk Open Masters including Norfolk Masters Closed ChampionshipUEA Norwich (Short Course)


Open Meets held by Norfolk Clubs