Past Presidents

Past Presidents of Norfolk County ASA

2017 Mrs J Thompson Norwich Swan
2016 Mrs K Woodhouse Norwich Swan
2015 P Kendall Dereham Otters
2014 Mrs. M Tallowin Norwich Synchro
2013 Mrs S Lelean Diss Otters
2012 S Murray West Norfolk
2011 A Lelean Diss Otters
2010 Mrs J Andrews Great Yarmouth
2009 K Rumsey Dereham Otters
2008 S McCormack UEA City of Norwich
2007 M Watkins Thetford Dolphins
2006 G Garner Norwich Swan
2005 C Galer UEA City of Norwich
2004 Mrs D Barrett Thetford Dolphins
2003 Mrs V Bull Diss Otters
2002 R Fletcher Dereham Otters
2001 J Hartwell Great Yarmouth
2000 R Barrett Thetford Dolphins
1999 M Brown Norwich Penguins
1998 J Harrison Norwich Penguins
1997 G Jarvis Great Yarmouth
1996 A A Smith Norwich Penguins
1995 R Caton Great Yarmouth
1994 Mrs A B McKenzie Long Stratton
1993 G T Clark Aylsham Vikings
1992 C Banks King's Lynn
1991 R Belson Norwich Swan
1990 H Amiss Norwich Penguins
1989 Mrs S Woods Norwich Penguins
1988 J E A Pegnall Norwich Swan
1987 J C Toll King's Lynn
1986 A T Slatter Long Stratton
1985 Mrs P M Hollis Great Yarmouth
1984 J D Bales Great Yarmouth
1983 R C W Lawrence Wells
1982 Mrs. B Belson Norwich Swan
1981 A E Bygrave Norwich Penguins
1980 R J Proctor King's Lynn
1979 P J Cole Wells
1978 Miss D K Starling Great Yarmouth
1977 E Blakey Wells
1976 S J Parker Norwich Penguins
1975 M Willament Norwich Swan
1974 I McKenzie Long Stratton
1973 D F England Norwich Penguins
1972 J C Swift Norwich Swan
1971 F A Kruber Great Yarmouth
1970 E W Gittins Great Yarmouth
1969 J H Murgatroyd Great Yarmouth
1968 Miss G C Moorby Norwich Swan
1967 J F Delf Great Yarmouth
1966 Miss J E Cooke Great Yarmouth
1965 R J Hewett Norwich Swan
1964 S H Copeman Norwich Penguins
1963 C J Martins Norfolk & Suffolk Water Polo League
1962 J D Patterson Great Yarmouth
1961 S R Day Norwich Penguins
1960 A W Mace Great Yarmouth
1959 W J Ely King's Lynn
1958 Mrs E M Starling Great Yarmouth
1957 F J Cann Norwich Penguins
1956 A W Betts Norwich Swan
1955 C Lees Norwich Swan
1954 N Elcombe King's Lynn
1953 W R Masterson Great Yarmouth
1952 H W Poynton Norwich Swan
1951 G E Bales Great Yarmouth
1950 Mrs M Lees Norwich Swan
1949 L P Palmer Norwich Schools
1948 R W Brett Great Yarmouth
1947 R W Brett Great Yarmouth
1946 Mrs M Noller Norwich Swan
1939-45 H J Baker Norwich Swan
1938 E H Gower Great Yarmouth
1937 E H Gower Great Yarmouth
1936 H G Cushing Norwich Schools
1935 C H Beckett Great Yarmouth
1934 F W Horsley Norwich Swan
1933 F E Baird Great Yarmouth
1932 W J Basher Norwich Swan
1931# W J Basher Norwich Swan
1930* F W Horsley Norwich Swan
1929* F E Baird Great Yarmouth

* Chairman to the figurehead President, The Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, R J Colman.

# Chairman no record of elected President.