Norfolk County ASA masters team win East Region Inter Counties Championship

For the second year in a row the Norfolk county masters team were East Region champions, at the Inter Counties masters on Sunday 20th November. This year Essex and Hertfordshire were unable to produce teams.

With wins in the first 2 events by Pat Jackson and Terry Thorne Norfolk were off to a good start. There was a brief period on the gala where Bedfordshire were leading, but with further wins by Lynne Meale, William Appleby and the Ladies 100+ Freestyle Relay team, Norfolk were 5 points clear by the end of the first set of Relays.

The second section of the gala again started well with wins by Pat Jackson and Terry Thorne, and were joined with wins from Catherine Markwell, Laura Marzolini and The Mens 72+ Freestyle Relay team. Consistent placings through this section meant that Norfolk were 22 points clear with half the gala over.

The 3rd section started with the now regular wins from Pat and Terry, with a second win for Catherine Markwell and a win for the Mens 100+ Medley Team. The Norfolk lead extended further to 25 points, but with only 5 points separating the other 3 teams.

The final section saw Pat and Terry undefeated in their individual events, with other Lynne Meale the only other winner in this section. Despite the lack of wins this section saw Norfolk extend their lead to 33 points showing a good all round team performance.

Final points were

Norfolk 321
Cambs 288
Beds    285
Suffolk 282


Norfolk Cambs Beds Suffolk
Non Scoring 2 7 1 6
4th place 3 16 22 11
3rd place 20 9 17 22
2nd place 26 12 17 13
1st place 17 24 11 16

The Norfolk results show a good all round performance.

Regional results from across the are country are colated to produce a national set of results. The National results saw Norfolk finish 8th out of 28 teams, with a national 1st place for Laura Marzolini, and a national 2nd place for William Appleby.