Swim England launched a County Pathway Programme in 2017 which, for a variety of reasons, Norfolk did not implement. The County Development Sub Committee have looked at the option of running the programme in 2018 and concluded that many of the reasons for not running in 2017 still exist. However the Sub Committee are keen to make some progress towards being able to fully implement the programme in later years. Several members of the Sub Committee met with Fred Furniss, Swim England National Talent Officer - Pool Lead  and Kevin Pickard, East Region Swimming Talent Officer to talk through what we could do in 2018. The result is the NCASA Young Swimmer Development Programme.

About the programme.

The aim of the programme is to develop the skills of a group of swimmers and their coaches in the first half of 2018.

Clubs will be asked to select two male and two female swimmers to take part. The swimmers must be 11 years old in 2018 (born 2007).

There will be three sessions all led by Fred Furniss. Swimmers and their coaches are expected to attend all three. The sessions will consist of presentations, including demonstration videos, lasting around an hour followed by an up to two hour pool session where the topics covered in the presentation will be put into practice. The sessions will cover:

·       Breaststroke & Butterfly

·       Backstroke and Front crawl

·       Starts and Turns

We are looking to run the sessions at the UEA Sportspark on Saturday evenings and are currently looking for free dates in the calendar. We aim to run the first session by the end of March and finish by the end of June.

There will be a half hour briefing for coaches by Kevin Pickard during the lunch break at the County Championships on Sunday 7 January. We will arrange the gala timings so that all coaches can attend whether they are likely to attend the sessions with swimmers or not. The briefing will start about 30 minutes after swimming finishes so that coaches have an opportunity to eat their lunch. Warm up will be delayed to start 10 minutes after the briefing finishes. Kevin will then do a presentation to parents of all 11 year old swimmers not just those who may be selected by their club to attend the sessions